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Chow Lijuan Jasmine.

19 December 1987 .

Temasek Polytechnic
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Thursday, December 31, 2009
Awaiting for the Brand New Year 2010 ;p

I am awaiting for a brand new year 2010...
May the year 2010 brings me more
happiness and good times...

Bye bye to all my bad memories in 2009 n

I just wan good memories for the
coming year 2010 hahas ;p

As for today no more of saying " See u tml"
It shall be "See you NEXT YEAR" :)

I will just lists some of my New Year Resolutions :
1) Graduate from Temasek Poly
2) Enroll myself in SIM
3) Save more money
4) Be Happy & Healthy (For all)
5) ETC..... ;p

And lastly To all: Happy New Year...
& Have a Great and Blessing Year ahead ;p

Blogged @ 10:25 AM

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Tml tml is coming ;p

Yeah FINALLY got a new 32" LG HD TV
and guess what it's coming tml and yes is tml yuppie...

I am so so SO excited, happy, speechless , touch OMG
so many emotions running through me now..

I am so so so SO xin fu....

Thanks Dear without u I guess my life won't be a fruitful one ;p

Blogged @ 10:46 PM

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Advanced Birthday Celebrations

15 December 2009
Venue: Bugis (Shaw Center)
Pumpkin soup

Our Main Course Meals

Our Desserts

The birthday cake from Starbucks
Yummy Orea Cheesecake;p

Money money money

Me & Huanyi

Jasmine Lim & Me

Me & Hariyani

Val & Me

Group Photos

Lucky Stars?? hahas

The presents they bought for me ;)

After that met up Lin Lin and Von at Jurong Point.
Had a 2nd celebration with them.
They bought me a cake and a Hello Kitty balloon
but wat a waste my camera low batt n all the shop closed le,
can't take pictures with them n the cake.
But nvm good memories will always be remembered ;p

Thanks all for remembering and celebrating my birthday with me....
I had a great day out ;p

p.s. I am still counting down to the day after my actual birthday hehe .....

Blogged @ 10:39 AM

Friday, December 4, 2009

Got this love quote from Facebook and i think is very true:

"Sometimes, you don't realize how much
you care for someone
until he/she stops caring for you..."

p.s. Sometimes words are hard to find
to form that perfect line
to let you know
you're always on my mind!!!

Blogged @ 10:07 AM

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Guilty haiz..

Tml gonna meet dear at Orchard &
then after shopping gonna stay over at his house till Sunday...
Whenever I am staying at Dear house onli one word
that can describe my feelings is GUILTY....

Cose Dear will give up his bed for me and for sure
there is one person w/o pillow or bolster... haiz
I know dear and his sis won't mind de,
but I do feel bad and guilty about it...

Yup before i end,
Finally found my Hello Kitty Dust Bin...
Cute Ma???

p.s. Sometimes words are hard to find* to form that
perfect line to let you know you're always on my mind!

Blogged @ 9:07 PM


Life is so boring with slacking at home & projects all the way haiz...

Miss working at IRAS &
the fun & laughter we had...

Miss lessons we had in school &....

Misses all my friends too...

Currently in school waiting for my Major Project meeting to start...

p.s. Jia Min just wanno be a simple girl & be happy always..... Can I ???

Blogged @ 12:43 PM

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Had a Fun outing..

Yesterday was really fun,
Had an outing with my TP's friends...
Dinner at Marina Square Pizza Hut &
a mini birthday celebration for Hariyani...
Hope hari enjoyed & liked her presents...

After dinner and the celebration,
we went to Esplanade for a photos taking session &
write 2010 wishes on a ball for
the countdown celebration....

Some pics more pics will be uploaded in facebook:

The Birthday Gal...

Val & Me ....
Me & Hariyani...
Jasmine Lim & Me
Group photos:

The ugly looking 2010 wishes ball haha....

p.s. I really had lots of fun & laughter....

Blogged @ 10:22 AM